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Unfiled Returns

Filing Back Taxes Is Essential To Establishing Tax Debt Resolutions


Take the first step in alleviating financial burdens imposed on you by the IRS by filing all past tax returns. Having one or more unfiled tax returns can result in further unwanted fees, interest and penalties. Neglecting to file on time can result in harsh actions by the IRS which can prevent you from purchasing or refinancing a home, receiving student loans, or accessing lines of credit. Failure to act promptly and file back tax returns can result in financially disparaging consequences.

The IRS has improved its ability to identify and collect on those failing to file and pay past tax returns. In fact, the IRS has a variety of civil and criminal penalties at their disposal to reclaim owed taxes. Failure to file on time can result in penalties up to 5 percent each month and can accrue up to 25 percent of the total amount due on your tax return. Failure to pay can result in liens on your property, levies on your bank accounts or even seizures of your assets.

Through their expert knowledge, Guardian Tax Resolutions can work to reduce further charges and penalties on your existing tax debt. In fact, certain circumstances may entitle you to decreased or absolved penalties, such as taxpayer or immediate family member death or serious illness. The professionals at Guardian Tax Resolutions are masters at identifying options that can save you money and free you from your current tax burdens.

Refund and tax resolution options cannot occur until all past and current tax returns are filed. In most situations, the IRS will allow up to three years for taxpayers to file past-due tax returns and claim refunds. Avoid future notices, harassment and fees by contacting our knowledgeable experts immediately. Only experienced tax resolution specialists can determine how best negotiate your unfiled tax situation. Allow us to weigh your options and construct the best solution for your individual circumstance. Be proactive and contact Guardian Tax Resolutions to begin resolving your tax burden today.

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